Specialists in Business Development

Services Offered

Business Growth

Almost 20 years of presence in the market and the seniority of our team, endorse our ability to become a solid and valuable ally for our clients. Foreign companies that want to enter the Spanish market or Spanish companies that want to reinforce their presence in the national market. Once the objective is identified we like to integrate our job with our client’s modus operandi, using our know-how and expertise to achieve success.

Strategic Marketing

Globalization does not mean uniformity. Each market is different, and clients act and decide based on different cultural and social dynamics, things to consider when approaching a new business environment. Correct positioning of the product or service offered is the foundation for any strategy meant to attain victory. Identifying the main players and knowing how to get to them with the precise offer is our main, fundamental input towards our client’s project.

Marketing Intelligence

The definition may sound atypical, but it is what most companies need. Marketing Intelligence is a fundamental aspect, very often used incorrectly or left undone. Identifying strategically relevant information, not about the client, but about decisions made at the moment of purchase is vital. This is the key factor we provide our clients with after identifying their commercial opportunity. This way, their commercial team will be able to close deals in the most professional and qualified way.

Business development

During this 20 years of activities in the market, we have stumbled upon companies that try to open new businesses, starting from budgets used in their home markets. Nothing more off base. Unawareness is the greatest problem; unawareness of the brand from the future clients, and unawareness of the market and its operators from the company. Once again, information is key. We design expansion plans in Spain, and, operatively, help our clients make them happen, becoming not just a provider, but a business partner.

Sales improvement

We adopt the latest sales techniques, under an exclusive operative work methodology, which we have refined during 20 years of operation. We are aware that whichever the investment, there must be a palpable economic turnaround in the shortest possible period of time. A constant one on one team with our client to reconduct any action or activity towards conquering the opportunities that come upon us. Our capacity to develop networking and bring contacts from all the levels to the table, puts our client in the condition to operate with security and efficiency, even in unfamiliar environments.